Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lord MacGuffin of Scotland (10th century), ruled by the powerful King Fergus and his wife, the charming Queen Elinor. Their daughter, Princess Merida, future queen of Scotland, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated. Mine own son, along with Lord Macintosh's son and Lord Dingwall's son, shall compete (hopefully very soon) for her hand in marraige. But my son, of course, is far superior to the other lords', and will obviously win. Either way, this kingdom is certainly mighty and prosperous. If thou hast any questions for thine lord, I shall answer them to the best of my ability.

13th November 2011

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11th November 2011

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8th November 2011

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+ Brave (2012) official concept artwork of Merida, her father and Queen Elinor from the D23 Expo panel

Reblogging again because I love everything about these ;-;

As do I.

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8th November 2011

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Me as I sit down to watch Brave:


Though I’ll also be squirming and squeaking ;u;

6th November 2011

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We need a name.

You know how Harry Potter fans are called Potterheads, Dr. Who fans are called Whovians, etc., etc., etc., right?

Well, shouldn’t there be a name for all the Brave fans out there? Brave-heads, Bravians, Brave-a-holics, something like that?

Any ideas?

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6th November 2011

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6th November 2011

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My dash when the full Brave trailer comes out:



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5th November 2011

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"I’ve heard about ‘Brave’ and I think it’s gonna be a great film and all, but I think it’s just too dark to be a kids’ mov-"


I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but I absolutely HATE it when people say that Brave is gonna be “too dark.” Some people, for some reason, still think that animated films are just for kids or something incredibly stupid like that.

I’m sorry, but WHEN have we ever thought that Pixar films were just for kids? That’s right, never.

Little pointless rant thing. Just sayin’.

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31st October 2011

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Going through the “Brave” YouTube comments again:

It’s Coraline.

Coraline is a pretty good movie, after all, so although this has next to nothing to do with “Brave,” I may as well post it.

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29th October 2011

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So… apparently, these are the Top Comments for the “Brave” trailer on YouTube:

Um… am I the only one thinking… “What the hell?”


First of all, “Brave” is NOT, I repeat NOT going to be a mix of “How to Train Your Dragon” and “Tangled”. Haven’t we learned by now that Pixar is ALWAYS original with their ideas and wouldn’t rip anyone off or copy anyone? We HAVE learned that after all these years, haven’t we?

And the second one… I agree with the fact that both Merida and the film itself are gonna be beautiful… but that’s a given. How the heck does Merida look “cartoon-y”??? I wouldn’t say that about any character, human or non-human, in ANY of Pixar’s films, let alone “Brave”.


Okay, end rant.

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